Confucianism and Taoism are the sages

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Description: When He Yuyu saw Fang Yun, he laughed and said, "Good luck, Mr. Fang. As soon as I wrote an inscription on a humble room, I got a big house.". "If you write an Ode to the Imperial Palace, won't you get a holy court?" "What's the matter?" Fang Yun asked. It turned out that it was not Yan Chongnian who went to the clan school to make trouble. It was Mrs. Yan who was instigated by Liu Zicheng's cousin to make trouble in order to avenge her son. Liu Zicheng's cousin? As I expected, is there any way to cure him? Fang Yundao. He Yuyu smirked and said, "I have asked the parents of the students to jointly submit a letter to the State College of Literature, asking Li Daxue to remove Liu Zicheng's cousin from the State College of Literature.". "The governor of Fuwenyuan is the prime minister of Zuo. I'm afraid he's already colluded with Liu Zicheng. He can't go to Fuwenyuan to submit a letter." Fang Yun frowned and said, "Didn't you get scolded by Grand Maester Li?"? And get in my way? Isn't he afraid of Grand Maester Li? "Of course he's afraid," said He Yuyu, "but if the Liu family gives him enough benefits to transfer him to the capital, then Jianmei Gong can't do anything about him. After all, the Ministry of Personnel is in the hands of Zuo Xiang. If he dares to hurt you, Jianmei Gong dares to kill him by the position of the Holy Court. As long as he doesn't hurt you, Jianmei Gong can only take part in him at most. It's not easy to do it. What's more, Zuo Xiang's people will try every means to attack Wen Xiang, and you have obviously been labeled as Wen Xiang, he can not not target you. "It seems that if I go to Fuwenyuan, I'll have a hard time." Fang Yundao. Yes. But fortunately, you are in the "Holy Way" on the three poems with the glory, "Wen Bao" also reported your story, you are now a big rise in literary fame,7g Ozone Generator, we Jingguo people like you. Fu yuan Jun is in charge of Fu Wen yuan, but other officials are bound to protect you, most of the students will stand on your side, our Jingguo is a cheap bone to yield to the left, but there are many hard bones! "Brother He's bones must be very hard." Fang Yun laughed. Not as good as you young people. Then there was a knock at the door. But the residence of the head of Fang Yun's plan? "Exactly." Fang Yun said, went to the gate and opened the simple wooden door. A man dressed as a servant respectfully handed over a red invitation with both hands. This is the invitation card from my master. Please keep it. "Thank you." Fang Yun put away the invitation. Closing the door, Fang Yun opened it and saw that it was Zhao Tongjian of the Water Transport Yamen, a sixth-grade official. The government office also has a six-grade general judge, but the real power can't be compared with the general judge of the water transport office. Jiangzhou has dense rivers and developed water transport, so the status of the Yamen of water transport is particularly high, and Dayuan Prefecture is the hub of water transport second only to Yuhai City, and its status is not even worse than that of Dayuan Prefecture. Whose invitation? He Yu asked. Zhao Tongjian of Caoyun Yamen. "This one has real power." ; Chapter 53 is very annoying This book is provided for download by Fang Yun also knew that Cao Yun was rich and powerful, ceramic bobbin heater ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, but he didn't expect a six-grade official with real power to send an invitation so soon that he didn't care about Zuo Xiang at all. Fang Yun asked, "Is the relationship between Zhao Tongjian and Zuo Xiang deep?" "That's something you don't know," said He Yuyu with a smile. Water transport is the lifeblood of the country. The imperial clan has always been the governor of water transport, but now it is the emperor's uncle. When he is drunk, he scolds Zuo Xiang. He is a rascal. When Zuo Xiang sees him, he can only make a detour. But apart from eating and drinking well, he had almost no stain. The imperial censors of the Control yuan did not want to talk to him. They could not impeach him for drinking and making trouble every day. Fang Yun couldn't help laughing. Jing Guo had a lot of stories about the fair-weather emperor's uncle. Although most of them were absurd, they were not annoying, and he had done a lot of seemingly confused but fair things. "Since Zhao Tong is following the royal path, it's okay to meet him." As soon as Fang Yun's voice fell, the knock on the door sounded again. But Fangfu? The two men looked at each other, and Fang Yun went to open the door again, and it was still a man who looked like a servant. This is the invitation card of my adult, and I hope you will do me a favor. Fang Yun took the letter and saw that it was the invitation of Gong Sizheng of Jiangzhou Law Department, a senior officer of the fourth grade. The criminal department is responsible for arresting people, and the law department is responsible for the trial, this Gong Sizheng is also a real power officer in Jiangzhou. Fang Yun opened the invitation and saw that one of his youngest sons had just hired a scholar as an enlightenment teacher to hold a Teacher Appreciation Banquet and invited Fang Yun to attend. Fang Yun asked He Yuyu: "What is the relationship between this one and Zuo Xiang?" "Zuo Xiang's fellow countryman." He Yuyu looked a little wrong. Fang Yun said, "He invited me to his son's Teacher Appreciation Banquet. It seems that he wants me to teach his son. But why isn't he afraid of Zuo Xiang?" "He is from the same county as Zuo Xiang," said He Yuyu. "It is impossible for him to betray him. Zuo Xiang is very relieved about him. However, people are selfish. You are now so famous, and very good at teaching students, he naturally wants his son to get the best teaching, after all, he is not young, to think about future generations. As long as Zuo Xiang doesn't speak to you personally for a day, he can pretend to be confused. Zuo Xiang is the time to employ people, even if you know his small abacus also take him no way, after all, he helped Zuo Xiang a lot in Jiangzhou, for others is equal to self-confusion. "You know very well what goes on in court." Fang Yundao. He Yuyu said with a smile, "We scholars are all'old mouthpieces' and'street ministers'. We all want to seek fame in the future, so we always pay attention to political affairs. If we hear more, we will understand what's going on." Fang Yun said, "He is old, so he can mainly think about future generations. But I still want to make progress. I don't want to be involved with Zuo Xiang. I can't go to this banquet." "That's very good," said He Yu. When you move to a new house, you must remember to hire a concierge, and then your letters and invitations will come like snowflakes. More than half of the state government offices in Jiangzhou are here,cordierite c520, plus the officials and famous families of Dayuan government, even if more than half of the officials will not invite you because of the power of Zuo Xiang, others are enough for you to be busy. "No way?"? Are there really so many people invited? ?

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