Devourer of the Six Realms

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Description: A few minutes later, Bingyan fell on the bed with a pale face, his body trembling slightly, and it was obvious that the yuan Li on his body had been absorbed cleanly, and there was no point left. After the devourer completely loses yuan Li, he can't even move at all. At the moment, even if the ice eye wants to scold, he doesn't have that kind of strength. Hey, aren't you going a little too far? Cheng Xue stared at Jin Xiaokai with a slight anger. Also as a woman, although the other side is the enemy, but there will still be a little sympathy overflow. Why do you scold me? I didn't do it! Jin Xiaokai complained bitterly. It was Carla who did it. How could she blame herself in the end? "Even if it's not you, it has nothing to do with you!" Jin Xiaofeng wanted to find Wei Xiaoyu and Mi Zhu Gong to comment, but found that the two men turned their heads to the other side, whistling in their mouths, together in the "study" of the frost on the wall, apparently "did not see or hear" what happened here. OK! You are cruel! Jin Xiaokai hated so much that he couldn't find anyone to help him,endless swimming pool, so he had to bear Cheng Xue's condemnation. It's all right. Kara flew out, and Jin Xiaokai found that every scale on his body seemed to be shining golden, very beautiful. < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 8 Mysterious Figures (Part 1) Updated March 23, 2007 23:46:00 Words: 3304 Jin Xiaokai suddenly found that, not knowing if it was his own illusion,endless swimming pool, he seemed to see a complex rune on every scale of Kara! Jin Xiaokai was greatly surprised and looked closely, but it seemed that there was nothing, which was very strange. Brother Kai, what are you looking at? Wei Xiaoyu came up and asked. Oh, nothing. Jin Xiaoxiang was confused. He didn't believe that he was dizzy just now. Obviously, that should be what secret is hidden in this golden Kara. "Can it be said that this Kara is a master of playing pig and eating tiger?"? Otherwise, why is Mi Zhu Gong so afraid of it? But it doesn't look like it. Golden Kara grinned and said, "How's it going?"? After absorbing the energy, are the scales on my body more beautiful? Beautiful, really beautiful! It can also emit a slight light! Jin Xiaokai insincerely exclaimed. Of course! Kara was so proud of the scales on her body that she said proudly, "If you look at it in the dark, 5 person hot tub ,hot tub wholesale, it's even more beautiful. The golden light is shining like gold. It's both noble and elegant!" Jin Xiaokai murmured, "Why is it like an advertisement?" "I can't believe there is such a good thing," he said. "It's a pity that I don't have these scales on my body." Cheng Xue and Wei Xiaoyu looked at Jin Xiaokai together, and the meaning in their eyes was very obvious: "Boss, your flattery is too much, isn't it?"? What a shame! Jin Xiaokai blushed, but soon returned to normal. What is this flattery? There is a famous saying that can appropriately describe Jin Xiaokai's current mood: Go your own way and let others say it! Kara, who had been photographed, immediately flew into the sky, ready to go to the woods to arrange the defensive runes it said. Seeing this, Mi Zhu Gong was so anxious that he hurried to catch up with him. He couldn't forget that he wanted to steal some rune skills from Kara, even if he could only get a little fur. As Jin Xiaokai watched them leave, he turned to Wei Xiaoyu and Cheng Xue and said with a smile, "All the people who are in the way have gone. I'll teach you something good while we're here." Their own brothers, naturally can not let them suffer-this is Jin Xiaokai has always been the principle of doing things. Seeing Jin Xiaokai's mysterious gesture, Wei Xiaoyu and Cheng Xue both knew that he must have hidden something good, and they couldn't help smiling. Jin Xiaokai taught them two runes that he had just learned for a short time: one was the super defensive rune "Archaic Barren Wall", and the other was the rune "Jiewang Fist" that inspired potential. These two runes are very complex, and they also involve a lot of tricks to drive and run, so it's not easy to learn them. Jin Xiaokai was able to learn quickly because he swallowed those runes into his body and directly fused them. He originally thought that Cheng Xue and Wei Xiaoyu could also use this method, but after asking, he found that this method could only be used by himself, and others could not do it at all. Helplessly, Jin Xiaokai had to let them memorize by rote first, and then practice slowly when they had time. This method is still simple, and soon Cheng Xue and Wei Xiaoyu remembered the two runes. Take the time to practice secretly, but don't let others see it, otherwise we will all be in trouble. You see, Mi Zhu Gong doesn't care about face and goes out to run errands, just to learn a little bit of runes, you should be able to understand their preciousness. Jin Xiaokai's earnest teaching has the feeling of being a teacher. I understand. You can rest assured of that. Both of them understood the truth and nodded in awe. After a while, Mi Zhu Gong dejectedly followed Kara back. Jin Xiaoxiang was amused, and only from the look of Mi Zhu Gong, we could see that he must have got nothing. Kara flapped her wings and landed on Jin Xiaokai's shoulder. She repeatedly cried out that she was tired and asked, "Why didn't you go to see me arrange the runes just now?"? It's too much to stay and be lazy. Jin Xiaokai talked nonsense: "This kind of trifle, for Lord Kara, can be done in three or two minutes. It's the same whether we go to see it or not." Kara slanted her head for a moment and believed Jin Xiaokai's statement: "Yes.". After that, when I arrange more powerful runes,hot tub spa manufacturers, you can come and watch. Then he flew to Cheng Xue's arms and went to make out. Seeing this, Jin Xiaokai quietly asked Mi Zhu: "How did it arrange the runes just now?" Mi Zhu Gong looked at him gloomily and said bitterly, "Have you ever seen him before?"? Why didn't you come? ?

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