Dressed as a 70 Best Wife (End)

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Description: In those days, they saw him one by one, just like a mouse saw a cat. He told them to go east, but none of them dared to go west. However, after only a few years, they saw that he had a wound in his leg and did not take his words seriously. After that, Shen Mujun was too lazy to care about them, but secretly wrote them down with a cold face. When his legs are completely healed, he will teach these boys a lesson. A man who had been moving bricks suddenly felt a chill in his back. He couldn't help but shiver so hard that he almost threw his head away. Seeing this, the man who was working beside him could not help saying with a strange look on his face, "Brother Feng, what's wrong with you?"? Why are you shaking? Feng Shanwu put down a pile of bricks in his hand and could not help rubbing his thick and strong arms. He looked suspiciously at the sun above his head and said, "Xiao Lu, do you feel a little cold today?" The man called Xiao Lu is a young man who is nearly 1.9 meters tall and looks like Zhou Zheng. Xiao Lu is 25 years old this year, and he is the youngest of these veterans. When he followed Shen Mujun, he was only a child of seventeen or eighteen years old. I can't believe that so many years have passed in the blink of an eye? In the second year of Shen Mujun's retirement,outdoor endless pool, Xiao Lu left the army with Shen Mujun because he was injured in his right eye by a cartridge case. He could have been a sharpshooter, but God took away his proud eyes in a war. When Xiao Lu heard Feng Shanwu's words, he couldn't help laughing. He pointed to the big sun on his head and said, "Brother Feng, do you have a cold?"? Do you still feel cold in such a big sun? Feng Shanwu was laughed at by Xiao Lu and was not angry. He just felt a chill in his back. It feels like.. Just like when he was lazy and was stared at by his boss. Without waiting for him to continue to "recall" his previous feelings, he looked back and saw Shen Mujun looking at him coolly. Feng Shanwu was immediately startled,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, hurriedly picked up a pile of bricks on the ground and ran, almost bumping into a person on the way. Shen Xiuchun looked at Feng Shanwu with a ghost on his face and couldn't help asking Xiao Lu doubtfully: "What's wrong with this man?"? Scared like that? Xiao Lu didn't say anything. He looked like he didn't know anything. He was working very hard. Shen Xiuyang was amused by these two people, just when he wanted to continue to say something, there Yang Dayue suddenly shouted loudly: "Dinner is ready!"! Dinner is served! As soon as Xiao Lu heard the three words "dinner is ready", he immediately dropped the things in his hands, turned around and ran away. Now he did not care to be afraid of Shen Mujun, heaven and earth Shen Mujun big, but did not eat the biggest. Shen Xiuchun was just a little stunned, and all the people around him disappeared. By the time he found the group, they were each carrying a bowl and eating with their heads covered. Shen Xiuchun looked at them one by one as they gobbled up their food. He couldn't bear to look directly at them and asked, "Are they crazy?"? Haven't you eaten in eight lifetimes? Although Shen Xiuchun and Shen Xiuyang also came to help, jacuzzi manufacturers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, they never had lunch here. Shen Xiuyang was embarrassed to eat here because he was always busy and didn't do much to help. As for Shen Xiuchun, he was worried that one more person and one more mouth would make Shen Mujun's family, which was not rich, poor. At the moment, however, he looked at the people's miserable eating and suddenly regretted his previous decision. Without his little grain, there was no way to help Shen Mujun save a mountain of grain. And look at the way they eat one by one, and the food in their bowls, um. It feels like it's delicious. Yang Dayue snorted when she heard this. Then she glanced at Li Qingqing and said, "It's not this prodigal woman. It's just a little grain for her family, but it's their family's rations for a year.". "She is very generous." Li Qingqing was originally cleaning up the big iron pot, Wen Yan could not help laughing at Yang Dayue. She knew that Yang Dayue was feeling sorry for her food, and there was no malice, so she was not angry but very happy. Seeing that she was still in the mood to smile, Yang Dayue raised her hand and nodded her forehead in the air, "You are poor and generous." The grain in Li Qingqing's family was not rich at all in Yang Dayue's eyes. Because most of them are wheat and rice that have just come down this year. These wheat and rice are their family's rations for a year. As a result, the food that had not been heated was given away by the prodigal women. Yang Dayue had built a house before, and she knew the rules of this lunch. Most people use one third of fine grains mixed with two thirds of coarse grains. Use a big pot to cook a pot of porridge with more soup and less rice, steam a few big pots of wild vegetables or miscellaneous grains, and eat pickled vegetables or pickled vegetables. However, Yang Dayue, Liu Xiazhi, and Aunt Zhang, who came to help, were surprised that Li Qingqing was not only honest but also very generous in cooking. When Yang Dayue was helping, she couldn't help but feel pain for Li Qingqing. What did Li Qingqing do three days ago? Each person has a big steamed bread with white flour, four steamed bread with mixed flour, a big bowl of sticky rice porridge, half a bowl of sour cabbage, and a small dish of pickles. Most of the pickles were sent by Aunt Zhang, Yang Dayue and Liu Xiazhi. Aunt Zhang is good at pickling vegetables. The pickled green peppers and leeks are very delicious. What did Li Qingqing do these days? Three big pots of noodles with shredded pork in chicken soup. That pot is still the pot used when eating big pot rice. It is so big and deep that children can take a bath in it. Although the noodles are made of half fine noodles and half mixed noodles, they can't resist the strength of the noodles thrown by Li Qingqing, and the chicken soup is delicious. And she sprinkled shredded cucumber and coriander on the surface. Shen Xiuchun smelled the attractive fragrance and couldn't help swallowing saliva. "Aunt, do you still have a bowl?"? I want to taste it, too. Because there are too many people working, most of the bowls and chopsticks are brought from their own homes. Except, of course,outdoor whirlpool, for the few uninvited veterans. They had the cheek to borrow their bowls and chopsticks from Aunt Zhang. They borrowed these pots from the brigade, and several big pots were built next to the newly built house. Because it is close to the river, it is very convenient to do anything. monalisa.com

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