Emperor Group--Cold War and Overbearing Husband After Marriage

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Description: "Xiao Suo." Manager, how can I be sorry for you? Manager, I value you so much. I've been training you for so many years since you came in. Although it's only been more than a year. Manager, I have no credit and hard work. How can you do that? Manager, what did I do wrong, Junior? Are you so cruel to leave? How can you leave when the manager just praised you for doing a good job and wanted to give you a bonus? It's the manager. If you're not satisfied with the salary I gave you, you have to tell me. Xiao Suo, you should know how the manager has treated you for so many years. People can't expect to be ungrateful and belittle themselves without conscience. Xiao Suo. "Manager.." No I didn't mean that. As soon as Xue Luo heard the manager's long speech, he felt nervous. This idiom is used. Xiao Suo, tell me honestly, manager, I'm not sorry for you. How can I bear it if you leave like this for no reason? Manager, I am also an old man. Hailan still has to rely on you young people to fight. Xiao Suo, you are also a child without parents and relatives. The manager has been good to you all these years and has always taken care of you as his own child. How can you hurt my heart so much? Xiao Suo. "Well, manager, I take it back." I won't quit. Xue Luo hurriedly took back the resignation report, nodded to the manager, and rushed out of the manager's office like running away. "The manager was stunned by her action, and it took him a moment to react. With a smile on his fat face, he quickly picked up the phone on the table and began to call." Hello,mirror stainless steel sheet, General Manager Fei? You are so predictable that Xiao Suo really wants to resign. But you can rest assured that I have fully convinced her that she will not resign. With a smile on his face, the manager sat down with the phone and nodded to the phone: "Of course, of course, I know, I know.." Yes, yes, yes.. Understand, understand. Little Mu Tian knows Fujino,stainless steel welded pipe, and he is not afraid of life, and people are familiar with a sticky, moreover, Fujino Jun but holding a gift to go, which children see the gift is not happy? As a result, little Mu Tian was bribed by Fujino. Only now, a tall uncle appeared in front of him, squatting in front of him, looking at him. He quietly moved the tank in his hand behind him, his face alert: "Who are you?" "Your name is.." Imutian? Cang Mu asked softly. I don't know you.. Mommy said you can't talk to people you don't know. Little Mu Tian's small face showed a pure and childish expression, and his eyebrows were deeply locked, and he said with a straight face. Cang Mu smiled and held out his hand to him: "Mu-Vito.." May I call you Xiao Tian? Mu Tian looked at the big palm in front of him, and then looked at the man still squatting in front of him, his little brain seemed to be thinking about whether to shake hands with him. The teacher said that if someone shakes hands with you, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, it seems very impolite if you don't shake hands. But Mommy also said that you can't talk to people you don't know, so you can't shake hands? So does he want to hold it or not? Cang Mu seemed to be very persistent and still held out his hand to him. Fujino on one side could not bear to look at him any more. He hugged little Mu Tian and said, "Mu Tian, he is a friend of Uncle Fujino. You can also call him Uncle. He is not a bad person.." After we shook hands, we became friends. "Don't you want to be friends with your uncle?" Cang Mu opened his mouth. Chapter 327 Little Mu Tian blinked his eyes and finally stretched out his hand timidly, holding a big palm in his small hand. Then we are good friends now. Cang Mu whispered. Little Mu Tian also burst into a smile in an instant, sweeping away the alert appearance just now, and suddenly became intimate with him: "That." Uncle Vito, do you have a present for me, too? One side of Fujino laughed out loud, Cang Mu of course also stunned, got up and picked him up: "Of course, you say, what do you want, we go to buy..." Basket "Really, then I want a super big transformer, a different transformer from Aunt Qianqian.." Little Mu Tian suddenly danced with excitement. "Yes, but …" Can we get something to eat first? Aren't you hungry? "Yes, what do you want to eat?" Fujino chimed in. Kentucky Fried Chicken However Mommy won't let you eat. Little Mu Tian blurted out, and as soon as he said it, he looked tangled again. Okay, let's go to KFC. Cang Mu promised. Ah? Really? Really Little Mu Tian suddenly became excited again. Of course it's true. "Also.." That's great! That's great! The little man sat in the car and almost jumped up, but only for a moment, and with a tangled face, he opened his mouth weakly, "That." Is Mommy going or not? Cang Mu was stunned, slightly raised his eyebrows, did not open his mouth, but waited for the second half of his sentence. The little man thought for a moment and looked worried. If Mommy goes, she won't let her eat. "" "Don't worry, Mommy won't go." He reached out and rubbed his head. But, little person is anxious again all of a sudden: "That." Mommy won't go. What will she eat? Fujino and Cang Mu were stunned and then laughed again. Don't worry, Mommy is an adult, she can cook and eat. Fujino appeased him, and little Mu Tian settled down. Five-year-old child, already know how to listen to her mother, already know how to worry about her mother, so clever and sensible, is her credit? Inside KFC, two big men sat face to face, watching a little one wolfing down chicken wings. That picture, so incongruous but so warm, attracted many people's eyes. After eating, the little people went to the corner to play on the slide, and they still sat there watching. He is the child of Nangong Yuner. Of course,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, after Nangong Yuner was born, because the baby was premature, he was put in the baby incubator as soon as he was born and separated from his mother.. ? sxthsteel.com

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