Frivolous of Rebirth _ End _ Pai Pai Novel

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Description: With a slight smile, Ren nodded his head and said, "Yes, I have." Cold and cheerless rhyme of the sudden voice is to adjust the atmosphere more relaxed, has been looking at the people with indifferent eyes Duanyue step forward, circle cold and cheerless rhyme way: "don't be stupefied, still don't give our little princess a place." "Frivolous?" Cold rhyme did not pay attention to the night, only lightly called Ren frivolous, asked her opinion, as long as she said to go, she immediately followed her away. Eyes light sweep, cold rhyme faint smile: "Since come, taste the Sichuan cuisine here!" " "Yes, yes, frivolous. Sit down. Come here." Yu Hao breathed a complete sigh of relief in his heart, hurriedly stepped forward, pulled the chair, let Ren sit down frivolously, and winked at Duanye. Night understanding, also did not say much, just let the girl sitting next to Ren frivolous seat out of the way, let Leng Qingyun sit down, and then he turned around and walked out of the compartment. Let the frivolous smile looked at the night to go out, and carelessly looked at the eyes of the people look unknown,Wheel tape measure, in the heart, know that the night must be to move reinforcements, as to who it is! Ren frivolous heart naturally know, nothing more than is Mo Xiaoran and Ren Qingzhao. The fifteenth chapter of the main text is surprised. As Ren frivolous expected, Duanye did call Mo Xiaoran, but moved not reinforcements, but an evil spirit, a phone call in the past, Duanye only said that Ren frivolous in the rain,Diameter tape measure, and then put down the phone. Mo Xiaoran on the other end of the phone was stunned at first, then cursed a dirty word, and regardless of the plaintive eyes of her female companion, she was invited to get off directly, and then raced all the way to the hotel. Mo Xiaoran is naturally familiar with the road here, striding, Mo Xiaoran door also did not knock, directly kicked the door in, with sparks in his eyes, also did not care to sit there frivolously, directly pulled up the night sitting on the chair, went up is a punch, scolded: "You ***, dare to bring my sister here." "Xiao ran, it's not the night, it's my fault." Yu Hao hastened to stop Mo Xiaoran, who was about to hold the old fist again, Pi tape measure ,cattle weight tape, and said in a low voice. Mo Xiaoran looked back at Yu Hao with a sneer: "I'll settle accounts with you later." "Xiao ran, it's good that you're angry at me. It's not Yu Hao's fault. It's my fault." "Duanye wiped the blood stain on his lips with his thumb and scolded him," I really ***ing think I'm an enemy. You know it's your ***ing fault. You don't know where this is, do you? How old is frivolous? You let her come here. Mo Xiao ran shook off Yu Hao's hand and glared at the night. Xiao ran, if you have something to say, it's really not the fault of the night, it's all caused by me. Yuze looked at Mo Xiaoran with some surprise, he did not think that Mo Xiaoran would come up to make such a temper, in the past, Mo Xiauran's temperament is the best, although Yu Hao privately put his sister is wrong, but not so! "You caused it?" Mo Xiaoran looked back at Yuze and said with a sullen face, "What's the matter?"? Make it clear to me. "I made a joke today, saying that no one in the red circle of B city could compare with Xiaoxian. Yuhao said he knew one. I was not convinced, so I asked Yuhao to take a look." Yuze explained with a wry smile. Mo Xiaoran frowned slightly. Although his face was still cold, the anger in his heart had dissipated a lot. He didn't look at Yu Hao again. Mo Xiaoran turned around and walked to Ren's frivolous side. He said softly, "Why don't you call me when you come out to play?"? Did you ask for leave from school? Mo Xiaoran's frivolous attitude really makes a bunch of people surprised, to know that although Mo Xiaoran has a good temper, but that is the surface, people who really know him know that this person is a big bad wolf with his tail between his legs. Brother, don't be angry! It was so scary just now. Besides, I don't blame Yu Hao for this. I wanted to come out to eat Sichuan food. Let the frivolous smile of the arm holding Mo Xiao ran, said with a smile. If Mo Xiaoran's tone is a big surprise, the change of attitude before and after the frivolity is even more surprising, just an arrogant look, in a twinkling of an eye into a little girl's charming state, in their view, this is not a change of means, but a real dual character. Mo Xiaoran naturally will not care about how others look at Ren frivolous, looking at Ren frivolous petite face tightly against their own, Mo Xiaoran can not help chuckling, language with spoiled said: "You also know what is called scary?"? That's what's really worrying you. Mo Xiaoran meant to exclude the contact between Ren frivolous and Yu Hao and others, his intuition always told him that contact with these people would hurt the frivolous, so he would be so angry when he was told to be frivolous with them at night. Let frivolous and delicate beep beep lips, with the girl's charming color: "Brother, I have grown up, what can not rest assured, besides, is the royal brother brought me here." Mo Xiaoran picked out the coquettish eyes, light look to the royal Hao, royal Hao elder brother, these three words he can hear more than once. When did you become so familiar with Yu Hao? A mouthful of Brother Yu Hao's? Ren frivolously raised his lips with a smile, tilted his head and looked at Mo Xiaoran innocently: "It was brother Yu Hao who made me call him that!" "Frivolous, don't hurt me!" Yu Hao is carrying a face, no matter how stupid he is, he can also recognize the tone of displeasure of Mo Xiao, sister control ah! Sister control! It's just a name! As for being so narrow-minded to haggle over every ounce with him! Ren Qingkuang pursed his lips with a smile and said, "Brother Yu Hao, how did you say that?"? I wouldn't hurt you! She just got a little revenge on him, who let him deceive himself! Little fox! Yu Hao sighed lightly and shook his head helplessly. He was convinced of being frivolous. He was so black at such a young age. Xiao ran, I understand, you Mo's production is really a personal essence ah! "No, he will be happy if you let him hear you." With a smile on his lips,Horse weight lbs, Mo Xiao put his arm carelessly on the back of his frivolous chair. Come on, I didn't say that. Yu Hao waved his hand and skipped the topic directly. "Don't be angry today," he said to Ren. "My brother will hold a banquet to apologize to you." ?

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