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Description: Xia Hong tiptoe in the air a little, steady body, palm a grip, the red dragon gun is once again in his hands, his eyes cold looking at the dust, the previous dust that punch, if not he has the protection of the red dragon armor, I am afraid it must be a heavy blow. Between this piece of heaven and earth, the strong parties looked at the two people that tit-for-tat fierce confrontation, but the complexion is gradually becoming dignified, some look at the eyes of the herdsman dust, but also appeared some fear of color. That Qinya, Mu Shan, Jiang Ling and others are also awestruck, the previous confrontation between Mu Chen and Xia Hong is in a flash of lightning, but they are able to clearly perceive the danger, as long as who is slightly negligent, I am afraid they will have to pay a very heavy price. This herdsman, after this battle, is afraid to rise to fame. Qinya sighed and said. To be able to half-step nine grades of strength, in the first nine grades of Xia Hong forced to sacrifice two quasi-holy objects, but still did not fall into much of the downwind, such a record, I am afraid it is comparable to Tianluo mainland young strong list ranked about 20 fierce people. Can't even crush you to death like this. It's really a stone in the pit. It's smelly and hard. In the countless exclamatory eyes, Xia Hong was looking at the slightly open and closed herdsman dust between his eyebrows with a haze in his eyes, without the slightest emotion in his voice. However, in his heart,ceramic bobbin element, it is indeed a little bit of regret, if he had known that the herdsman dust was so difficult, he would have thought of a complete way to solve the herdsman dust, which is like now, instead of forcing himself to have no way out. To this step, between him and this shepherd dust, today must be a victory or defeat, otherwise, he today's various, really will become a stepping-stone to shepherd dust fame,10g Ozone Generator, this is the proud Xia Hong absolutely unbearable. When the time comes, if it is sent back to the Daxia Dynasty, it will inevitably affect his father's attention to him. When the time comes, his other brothers will have to climb on his head. So today, this shepherd dust, must die! As soon as he read this, Xia Hong's eyes were filled with a deep sense of killing, and his eyes were staring at the herdsman's dust with a ferocious look, which made the temperature between heaven and earth drop. Xia Hong's eyes were dark and cruel, his palms slowly loosened the red dragon's gun, and his hands were suddenly stamped. Hum! Xia Hong behind the space, suddenly become distorted, faintly, there is a majestic vast supreme sea looming, that supreme sea, spiritual power presents red color, as if it contains monstrous killing. Boom! The Supreme Sea rolled endlessly, and suddenly, the spiritual power of ten thousand feet rose into the sky, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, directly penetrating the Supreme Sea and rushing into the sky, rendering the sky of the martial arts field into a blood-red world. Blood-red spiritual power in the crazy condensation behind Xia Hong, just a few breaths, is in the countless shocked eyes, condensed into a huge supreme Dharma body of thousands of feet. The whole body of the Supreme Dharma Body was dark red, and a ferocious and overbearing spirit swept out, which was suffocating. The Supreme Dharma Body, arms, feet, chest, back, and so on, had nine animal patterns like substance. The ferocious spirit burst out from the animal patterns, as if the ancient ferocious beast had come through time and space. Violent, ferocious! Mu Chen looked at the huge Supreme Dharma body, and his eyes could not help shrinking, and then there was a message passing through his mind. Nine Evil Heaven Beast Body, ranking 57 on the list of ninety-nine Supreme Dharma Bodies. Chapter one thousand and ninety open eight Yang! Magnificent ferocity swept away, and a huge supreme Dharma body stood between heaven and earth, like a gathering of ferocious beasts from ancient times, overbearing and ferocious. Between this piece of heaven and earth, all the strong people are looking at the red supreme Dharma body with their eyelids jumping slightly. They feel the terrible ferocity, and their looks become dignified. Is this the body of the nine evil beasts that Xia Hong has cultivated. It is said that if you want to practice this kind of Dharma body, you must refine the spirit of the nine-headed ferocious beast. The refining process is extremely dangerous. Once you practice it, the Dharma body will have the soul-shaking ferocity of the ferocious beast. If you touch it with an ordinary Dhamma body, it will be shattered by that ferocious spirit. "With the strong can not help but exclaim, Xia Hong's practice of this supreme Dharma body, in the ninety-nine Supreme Dharma body list, ranking 57, this ranking is enough to make countless people envious.". After all, the Dharma bodies condensed by many supreme strong people are just ordinary Dharma bodies. Those who are lucky occasionally may be able to get some Dharma body cultivation methods at the bottom of the ranking. However, the Dharma body similar to the nine evil beast bodies can only be possessed by those top forces with strong foundation. Otherwise, even if ordinary people get it, I'm afraid it will be missed and lead to disaster. You can rely on the strength of this half-step nine-grade to force your Highness to display the supreme Dharma body, which is also your ability.. In the countless shocked eyes, Xia Hong's eyes drooped and his tone was indifferent. Mu Chen looked at that exudes the monstrous ferocity of the Supreme Dharma body, eyes are also passing through a touch of surprise, this Xia Hong can be in the Tianluo mainland young strong list of more than 20 rankings, as expected is some great ability. Today, with the many means he showed, not to mention the first nine grades of the supreme, even those nine grades of the supreme peak of the strong, I am afraid there is no way to take him. Xia Hong's body rose slowly and fell on the huge shoulders of the nine evil beasts. He looked down at the dust indifferently, and immediately a cruel smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and the soles of his feet suddenly stamped. Boom! On the body of the nine evil beasts, the monstrous ferocity seemed to erupt at this time, and the red ferocity seemed to turn into a river of thousands of feet, rolling and roaring, sweeping down to the herding dust. At this time, with the help of the power of the nine evil beasts, Xia Hong's offensive was greatly enhanced again compared with before. Mu Chen looked at the roaring red torrent, his eyes were frozen, his hands were printed, his whole body was golden, and his fist burst out. Suddenly, a majestic golden fist print accompanied by the sound of the dragon was roaring out, together with the torrent. Boom! At this time, however, Xia Hong's attack was obviously much stronger,steatite c221, so when the Golden Light Fist Seal collided with him, it only persisted for a moment, and was swallowed up by the torrent. global-ceramics.com

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