Industrial hegemony

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Description: When all these voices are suppressed, it is naturally inconvenient for the higher authorities to pull their hands. When the leaders of several units in charge of propaganda gathered together, they all shook their heads helplessly and said, "This Nan Dao is really too bad at being a man. Alas, it's a pity to have such a dynamic newspaper." Tang Di, this man. Well, we both said we used to know him. Without the intervention of the government, the battle between Hanhua and Nandao depends entirely on their respective strength. As Lin Zhenhua said, the media can not compete with capital at all. Hanhua takes out the vigor of competing with foreign enterprises to hack a media, but also worries that it will not be able to ruin the reputation of this media? Nan Dao finally collapsed. The core value of a newspaper lies in its credibility. Hanhua's attack this time is precisely aimed at the credibility of Nandao. In the past, Nandao has always boasted that it is the conscience of society and can tell you some information that is not available in the official mainstream media, which has won it the love of the broad audience. But now, Hanhua tells you with ironclad facts that the information disclosed by Nandao is actually false. It takes advantage of people's desire for the truth, and what it sells to you is a lie that deviates from the truth. The charm of idols is infinite, but once the idol collapses, it is completely irreversible. Almost overnight, Nandao became seriously unsalable at all newsstands across the country. Advertisers immediately telegraphed the advertising department of Nandao to stop publishing their own advertisements, didn't they? Who would like to spend money on a notorious media? Nandao reporters also encountered difficulties when they went out to interview. Once upon a time, when Nan Dao's reporters went anywhere, as long as they showed their press cards, others would be three points shorter, for fear of being caught by Nan Dao. But now, when the agencies interviewed saw that Nan Dao was being hunted down and killed,Walking measuring wheel, they were full of confidence. When they met Nan Dao's reporters, they said directly: "I'm sorry, we don't believe you can report our affairs objectively." "Refusing to interview means that you have a ghost in your heart. If you don't cooperate with the interview, we will find out the truth from other ways." Nan Dao reporter used a big killer that has been tried and tested in the past. To such menace, the other side just sneer at: "What other way, be rumour?"? Your methods have been clearly written in "Nan Dao Jie Mi". You have the ability to expose ah, 'as if insipid' a few days ago when an interview with reporters said that he is also preparing for the second episode, welcome to provide new material. If we provide him with your threats, he will give us 100 yuan for the information fee. Young journalists could not stand the discriminatory eyes of relatives, friends and classmates, and offered to resign one after another. In the past, it was a very glorious thing to say that I worked in Nandao. Now everyone wants to say that they have never heard of the word Nandao. After all the young reporters left, horse weight tape ,Fish measuring board, the old reporters and editors also began to think about it. When they went to work, some people were openly calling to find their own relationships and activities about job-hopping. Everyone realized that the ship of Nandao was about to sink, and there was no need for them to be buried for the ship. In fact, there is no need for the province to notify the suspension of publication, and the south guide has been unable to support it. For several days in a row, the editorial department could not collect the necessary number of articles, so it could only rely on gossip articles such as "Girls should be careful to wear low-cut cars, a bus driver reveals the top ten tricks of sexual predators" to fill the page. At this point, does Tang Di still want to turn over? "I obey the decision of the province." Tang Di said gloomily, "I just want to know what the province thinks about the future positioning of Nandao." Tan Hongming said: "Nandao will definitely continue to run it. As a newspaper with a high reputation among the masses, the province will not sit idly by.". The province will transfer an experienced Comrade from another newspaper to take over your post, and Nandao will resume publication after the suspension of publication and rectification. ” Tang Di laughed at himself and said, "It's a very high reputation. That's a thing of the past. After Hanhua's deliberate suppression, even if Nan Dao still has a reputation now, I'm afraid it's also a bad reputation, isn't it?"? How does the province plan to change the image of Nandao? Tan Hongming said, "Old Tang, you are also an old man of Nandao, and you have made a lot of contributions to the development of Nandao.". It's good for you to know something. Before I came to you, Publicity Department I had already got in touch with Lin Zhenhua through the connections of Jiangnan Province. The other side said that as long as Nandao is willing to turn over a new leaf, they can carry on the past, and they welcome a Southern Economic Guide that truly reflects reality and social conditions and public opinion. "Say really beautiful," Tang Di sneers, "all change one's mind, is not no longer embarrassed with Hanhua? Those who follow me will prosper and those who resist me will perish. The existence of Hanhua has become an obstacle to the freedom of Chinese society. "Old Tang" Tan Hongming sighed, "You don't have to blame others all the time. Nan Dao has really gone a little far in recent years. Do you dare to say that the things exposed by Hanhua about your distortion of the facts are not true? What's wrong with you doing the first day and others doing the fifteenth? Tang Di said: "We cut the facts in order to make people pay more attention to our society. Our motives are just.". In fact, many of the things we reported have received positive responses from the society, which has contributed to the improvement of the work of the relevant departments. Think about it, if we don't report on the problems of out-of-school children, poor mothers in rural areas, and land expropriation and demolition, what will it be like? "Old Tang, we are old friends, too. Do you need to talk big in front of me?" Talking about Hong Ming's face sank, "You said these things, other media are also reporting, and the government itself has been working hard to improve these years, how can this be the credit of your family?"? You criticize the overlord clause of civil aviation. As a result,Surveyors tape measure, civil aviation has put more than 10 million advertisements in your newspaper, but you don't say anything. In the end, the overlord clause of civil aviation has not changed at all. Is this also a fact? ?

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