Li Liang-Gongsun Xiaodao

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Description: It was you who killed her, it was you, it must have been you. He did not want to accept the fact that Chunlai was dead, but he did not expect that Xiaodao had inadvertently spoken to his heart and made his mind sober again. Degree collapse. You talk nonsense, she is not dead, the murderer must be you, you are not her son, I will kill you. He jumped up and split it with one hand. Dad! Calm down! Small knife son can worry a lot, not only to protect themselves, but also to avoid hurting him, between the hands, always timid. Tail, as a last resort, had no choice but to swim and fight, using their own excellent flying skills, in order to reduce the damage to the other side. GongSunLou missed a few hits. In the heart is great anger, a hand is all desperately clapping hands. Su Qiaoqin sound is more urgent, but can not receive the effect, Gongsun Lou is still confused, can not self-control. Less than a cup of tea, the knife's clothes were torn out at least ten cracks, and there were not a few blood stains. Father, listen to me. I am your son. "Fart, you are the murderer, the murderer who killed Chunlai, said Chunlai!" The murderer-you are the murderer, otherwise why didn't she tell me that you were my son? You're an impostor, the killer- —” The more Gongsun Lou scolded,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, the worse his mind was, and the craziness was like the waves of the Yangtze River, rolling in. The sound of the harp had stopped, and Su Qiao flew to join the battle circle. "Why don't you play?" Asked the knife. "It's no use. He's very repulsive." "What then?" Before he could answer, Gongsun Lou shouted, "So the murderers are you two!"! Ha-ha He seemed to have endless energy. Not only was he quick, but he even shouted and shocked people's eardrums. Two join hands, and take YouDou, has pulled back the situation, but now make GongSunLou messy hands and feet, lack of life. Su Qiao said,10g Ozone Generator, "I'll exhaust him first and consume his strength, and then I'll use the sound of the piano." "Valid?" "You have to try!" The knife jumped up and down like a squirrel in the forest, playing Gongsun Lou round and round, and could not help smiling bitterly and feeling sad. The son is actually playing with his father, except him, it seems that very few people will encounter this kind of thing. He said, "At this rate, even if I turn around for three days, my father may not be tired!" Sujo said, "you want to fight?" "Let's cooperate," said Xiao Dao. Sure enough, they cooperated, and the two men kept one behind the other or on one side, and kept joining hands to attack the enemy. See Su Qiao drink, single palm split to GongSunLou left arm, right hand ready to follow into the enemy. GongSunLou laughed, the body does not move, only has the hand to seal out the palm strength without even looking at, what he wants to deal with is still small. Knife. However, Ceramic Bobbin ,Alumina Ceramic C795, the knife threw a stone at his palm at this time, and the man fled in the direction of Suqiao. If Gongsun Lou didn't look at people, he would suffer losses. He only felt that there was something as big as a palm to attack, and it must be the palm of the other side's hand. Add 30%, under a cover, gravel into powder. At this time, the knife son and Su Qiao have mercilessly together to shake GongSunLou more than three Zhangs, fell very discomfited. GongSunLou shout loudly, unwilling to be cheated, immediately counterattack and up. At this time, change the knife son in the side, Su Qiao front hit out layers of palm shadow, sharp unstoppable. The knife is weak, like a ball of cotton, the strength is very weak. GongSunLou before the car, the heart is ready, drink export, still feint SuQiao, suddenly quickly turned to the knife. Son, he thought the trick was successful and slapped people, and he was already laughing wildly. The knife is really like cotton blowing to the left, in premeditation, it is easy to open the palm strength. With a loud noise, Gongsun Lou split his palms in a big poplar tree and broke the trunk. At this time, Su Qiao also gave him a slap, and a stagger, causing him to almost hit the fallen tree trunk. For this reason, Gongsun Lou shouted angrily, grabbed the poplar tree and smashed two people. The purpose of the two men was to consume his physical strength, and they always avoided it with skill. Even so, it was also very dangerous. Chen down, also ate several times burning palm strength. But GongSunLou was tired and out of breath. Su Qiao hurriedly said, "I'm going to play the piano. When he is still, you can light his sleeping hole immediately, do you know?" "If he is still, he will recover." "No!" "The sound of the harp can calm him down," said Su Qiao. "Doesn't that give him a break? If he recovers If the reply is too fast, the sound of the piano may be invalid. ” "Good!" Small knife son has understood the truth, the hand more quickly, hope Su Qiao can get away. Su Qiao soon swept over the scene and immediately played the piano. Gongsun Lou's attack quickened at first, but soon slowed down. I You He was at a loss as to where he was. Father, I am your son. The knife also stopped and went to him quietly. You You will be my son.. That Spring comes? Gongsun Lou turned to the tombstone blankly, looking for some memories. The knife took advantage of his turn, has been a quick shot, point to his back to the Yang point, he should have pointed and fell. Whew. That was close! Xiao Dao breathed a sigh of relief and touched his acupoints several more times. Then he turned to Su Qiao and shouted, "Su Qiao, it worked!" Su Qiao, holding the harp in his arms, came in surprise. He wiped the sweat from his cheeks and hissed, "What a close call!" She had the same expression and language as Xiao Dao. Xiao Dao leaned his father against the tree trunk and touched the body of his relatives for the first time, shaking like an electric shock. Face one Deep wrinkles, and how many years of bitter years? Can not help but embrace him to the bosom, deeply afraid of carelessness will suddenly disappear. Like a loss. Dad.. Su Qiao also felt a sadness, took out a white silk scarf gently wipe the knife son forehead face, and then wipe to Gongsun Lou, in his deep sleep. On his face, he also showed a kind face. Do you have a way to cure my father? Asked the knife. "I can't help it," said Su Qiao. "If I can, Master Chun and I will cure him." Xiao Dao took a deep breath and said, "I had medicine. I heard that it could cure my father's illness, but I lost it." One. "What medicine?" "Snow God Dan and Red Eye Dan." "I've lost my red-eyed pill,ceramic bobbin heater," said Xiao Dao. Su Qiao showed a look of consternation: "If you have these medicines, your father has a great chance of recovery." You think you can find the missing drug.. I mean, do you know how the elixir was lost? "I don't know." Xiao Dao smiled bitterly.

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