Mr. Fail (Blame you for being too dazzling)

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Description: In fact, she did not ask for anything for Valentine's Day, but just wanted to stay with him on this day that only belongs to lovers. Even if it's just an ordinary dinner together as usual. She just wants to be with him. Do anything. Valentine's Day flowers are very expensive, Si Zhen knows, also very distressed he spends money. But she's really happy. This is the first bunch of flowers she received in her life. Her joy could not be hidden, her eyebrows were stretched, her eyes were curved, and the corners of her mouth could not be suppressed. Take care when you lower your head to smell the flowers. Josh looked down at her and suddenly felt that this kind of thing didn't seem so boring. It's closed. The students outside should come back quickly. The voice of the aunt in charge of the dormitory came loudly. Outside the dormitory building, there were more reluctant lovers than ever before. They did not respond to the aunt's shouts. They continued to hold hands and say affectionate words, trying to make use of the last second. It was the first time that Si Zhen panicked when she was called by her aunt. She didn't say a few words to the senior. She looked up and said anxiously, "Oh, I should go back." Just now I was just looking at the flowers, but now when I saw Joch's eyebrows and eyes reflected in the dim street lamp, I realized that he was so beautiful from this angle. Her heart pounded again, and she held the flower in her left hand and reached over with her right hand, gently pulling Josh's fingers. His hands were still hot. Si Zhen looked at him, looked back,Chinese spa manufacturer, then pursed his lips and stood on tiptoe. She mustered up her courage to kiss him, but she couldn't reach him on tiptoe, and the scene was a little awkward. Her face was burning with his deep eyes, and she kissed him in a panic, rubbing her lips against his chin. She was so ashamed that she turned to run and was grabbed by Josh's wrist. The footsteps stopped, but still did not dare to turn back. After a few seconds of silence,outdoor spa manufacturers, Josh's deep voice sounded behind him: "Wait a minute." He released his hand and bent down again. Only then did Sizhen turn around and see him take out five delicate square boxes stacked together from the car and stuff them into her arms. The scent of chocolate floating in the air. She hugged her, and her heart was filled with an indescribable feeling. Thank you, senior. She said very softly. The aunt in charge of the dormitory kept urging Si Zhen to turn around and walk away with chocolate and flowers, and enter the door with several girls who finally separated from their boyfriends. Every time it's you guys dilly-dallying outside. Haven't you seen it's already past eleven o'clock? You can't shout, and you don't know what to say. You talk endlessly every day! The housekeeper's aunt scolded. Several "habitual criminals" have long been accustomed to playing garrulous with her. Si Zhen looked back and saw from the gap in the iron gate that Qiao He was still standing beside the car, looking at her silently. The sparse optical fiber of the street lamp was sprinkled on him, and the night was clear and proud. Berkeley does not have a holiday for the Spring Festival, but Sizhen and two other colleagues will go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, and the rest of the clerks will take turns to rest. On the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Joe's family also officially had a holiday. Si Zhen made an appointment with Qiao He, packed his luggage in advance and took it to the store. When Qiao He got off work in the afternoon, he went back to Pinglan with her. Joch drove back, whirlpool hot tub spa ,endless swim pool, and it took nearly three hours to drive from the city to the county town. When they arrived, it was already more than nine o'clock in the evening. Joch sent Sizhen downstairs to her father's house. She carried the suitcase out of the car and did not rush upstairs. She watched him hesitate to speak. I don't know what the situation of his family will be like during the Spring Festival. But it will probably not be a Spring Festival that makes people feel relaxed and happy. This was his sore spot. Si Zhen didn't want to mention it easily to make him sad. After all, he didn't say much. He just asked him, "Are you busy during the Spring Festival? Can I go to see you when I'm free?" Josh: "Yes." Thinking about sending him some delicious food, Si Zhen waved his hand and said, "Go home quickly. I'm going up." Without letting her go, Josh stepped forward and held her head and kissed her. This is in the community downstairs, perhaps which open the window can see, Si really a little shiver, and can not bear to refuse him, let him kiss for a while, then gently pushed him. Josh let go of her, looked at her faintly, and did not speak. It's late. Go back quickly. Si Zhen pulled up the box and walked into the doorway with a red face. In a six-story old house with no elevator, she lifted the box to the third floor by herself, put it outside the white security door, shook her tired arm, and rang the doorbell. The sound insulation is not very good, the sound of slippers mopping the floor comes from inside, the door quickly opens, revealing the face of a 15-year-old boy. "Sister!" Si Junjie, who has a strong figure, called her warmly. Then he turned to the living room and shouted, "My sister is back!" The TV was ringing in the room, but no one answered. Si Zhen was already used to it, but Si Junjie frowned unhappily and lifted her suitcase with her lips pursed: "Sister, come in quickly." Grandma heard the shouting and hurriedly came out of the inner bedroom, smiling with a wrinkled face: "Come back." Si Zhen walked quickly towards her and took her grandmother's hand, which was extended to her. Rough and warm palms can give her the most sense of security from childhood to adulthood. She greeted the three people sitting on the sofa in the living room: "Dad, Aunt Zhang, Mengya." Si Zhiming stared at the TV and said "hmm". Zhang Li is eating melon seeds, glanced at Si Zhen, a mouth is: "Si Zhen fell in love wow?" 21 twenty-one minutes Si Zhen froze, thinking that she had probably just seen it from the window. She saw her grandmother's eyes brighten almost immediately and nodded slightly in her expectant eyes. Zhang Li over there asked again, "Where are you from? How are the conditions at home?" "He is also from Pinglan, and his family conditions are not very good." This is more for the grandmother who really cares about this matter. Si Zhen looked at her and said, "But he is very capable himself." Zhang Li curled her lips and seemed to look down on her. Grandma was a little excited, anxious to ask Si Zhen for details, and pulled her into the house. Si Mengya,american hot tub, who had not spoken, frowned and shouted, "That's my room!"! Don't come into my room. ?

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