Nine days of Lingwu

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Description: The sound of the epee battle was endless, Han Fei's attack was stronger than a sword, and all the onlookers clearly saw the striking golden light on the body of the non-sharp epee he was holding! "Gold is fighting spirit!" One of the Templars in the crowd lost his voice. Han Fei urged the fighting spirit to give Han Chengwu a great blow at the same time, but also like a ladle of cold water poured into the boiling oil, the crowd immediately boiled. Among the people who watched the duel between Han Fei and Han Chengwu next to the martial arts field, it turned out that many of them knew about their enmity and Han Fei's identity. Of course, they also knew about his angry fighting. What they didn't know was also understood in the conversation with others. At the beginning, everyone is optimistic that Han Chengwu can win, after all, the gap between the warrior with fighting spirit and ordinary martial arts practitioners is still very large, did not expect Han Chengwu's performance is so unbearable, but also did not expect Han Fei to have the power of fighting spirit! How is that possible? This is the common idea of almost all the people present. You should know that it is almost impossible to get through the meridians after the failure of the fighting pulse. It would be better to understand if the original pulse was successful. But the living fact is in front of them, they can not help but not, Han Fei epee on the golden awn more and more Sheng, even if do not want to pay attention to also can not. Xia Tianya felt as if he had been punched in the chest, and if what he had said to Han Fei at the door just now only embarrassed him,ceramic welding tape, then the miracle of Han Fei's success was even more of a blow to him. Since he was a child, he had the name of genius. He thought that he was the most talented among the young people in Xishui City. After entering the temple, he had no rival to compete with him. He was praised by Sogo and thought that he was very hopeful to break through the holy realm in ten years. But his pride and conceit were half broken by Han Fei in front of him! "You're just lucky, and the strongest person is definitely me!" Xia Tianya stared at Han Fei and said in his heart, "We'll see!" But at this time in the field of Han Chengwu has lost all the fighting spirit, his fighting spirit and physical strength are all consumed clean,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Han Fei also has the fact of fighting spirit is to give him a heavy and incomparable blow, just with the last trace of stubborn spirit in the hard top. Boom! With a muffled sound, Han Chengwu was thrown to the ground by Han Fei with his sword, and he couldn't lose any more. With the thick blunt tip of the sword against Han Chengwu's throat, Han Fei said lightly: "I forgot to tell you.." "I am also a samurai now, so you never have to expect to surpass me. Failure is your destiny!" Chapter 5 Choice of Fighting Skills (middle) Lying on the ground, Han Chengwu could not say a word. If there was a crack in the ground beside him at this time, he would not hesitate to get in. Han Fei, I want you to know that you will never be my opponent from today on! The bold words just now had not dissipated, and now he was shamefully knocked down to the ground, and it was an open and aboveboard confrontation, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic bobbin heater core, and the harsh words released in front of him turned into a joke. With so many people watching, how can he raise his head in the temple in the future? Han Fei said a word like a sword in the heart of Han Chengwu, let him wish to die now! Just when Han Chengwu was ready to bear the humiliation of the winner Han Fei, Han Fei took back his epee, bent down and stretched out his hand to him and said: "If you are not convinced, I can accept your challenge at any time. If one day you defeat me, I will take back this sentence in front of everyone!" Han Chengwu suddenly raised his head, his eyes showing a very complicated look. He ignored Han Fei's big outstretched hand. He got up from the ground with a red face and shouted in a low voice: "You don't have to pretend to be kind. I will defeat you one day!" As if he had not heard the call of several companions, Han Chengwu turned and walked away, separating the crowd and soon disappeared at the door of the temple. Han Fei smiled and watched him leave. Knock down Han Chengwu to the ground and then step on a few feet to make him never turn over is very simple, but Han Fei did not forget what Han Mutian once said to himself: the world's Han surname is a family! No matter how thin each other's blood, and no matter whether the two sides in the infighting, they all have a common surname, will Han Chengwu humiliation in the end can not add much glory for Han Fei, but will make people feel narrow-minded, will also let others look down on the Han clan. For more than ten years, although Han Mutian had the upper hand over Han Linhai, he had never killed Han Linhai, because this was not only not allowed by the rules of the Han family, but more importantly, even in Xishui City, there was not only a noble Han family, but also not all friends around. Sometimes Han Mutian's family and Han Linhai's family were one. The simple-minded and impulsive Han Chengwu is not Han Fei's opponent. If Han Fei has an opponent in the temple, then there is no doubt that this person is Xia Tianya, who has been promoted to the second rank in the temple for one year! Han Fei can see a trace of jealousy, a trace of vigilance and the war spirit that can not be concealed from the eyes of Xia Tianya staring at him now. Seeing Han Fei looking back, Xia Tianya looked directly at Han Fei and said, "Han Fei, you are very strong. When you are promoted to the second rank, I will challenge you!" After that, Xia Tianya chased Han Chengwu and left the temple. At the end of the duel, the onlookers, of course, had to disperse. Many of the temple apprentices were absolutely impressed with Han Fei. It was believed that his successful promotion to samurai would soon spread throughout Xishui City. Pow! Pow! Suddenly there were a few claps of applause. Everyone turned around and saw that Sogo, the chief warrior of Xishuicheng Temple, was clapping his hands and looking at Han Fei with appreciation. Tutor All the apprentices immediately saluted Sogo,Ozone generator ceramic plate, who returned the salute with a slight bow with his fist on his left chest. Carol took Han Fei to Sogo and saluted him. Sogo asked in amazement, "Han Fei, I didn't expect you to become a samurai. Did you succeed or did Mr. Carol help you?" "I don't have such a great ability. He succeeded on his own!" Carol said with a smile.

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