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Description: Fortunately, the fierce sunlight has reduced their fighting power, because I am also a body of ghosts, so I don't feel very good. I knew that the little devil in front of me was just the vanguard, and there must be a very strong monster behind me, so I didn't rush up, just made a show to arouse the blood in the hearts of the players. Look, the boss of Castlevania is not afraid of death, what are we afraid of? Go! It was obvious that my action resonated with everyone. Thousands of players rushed up, and the colorful light burst behind them. The black armor soldier has been with those little devils on the number, see the black armor soldier in the hands of the sword, the body of the little devil was cut into two sections, but then will be surrounded by dozens. When a black soldier had no time to defend, his neck was broken by two little devils. Blood rose high. A little devil opened his big mouth and swallowed his head. I understand that this is a partial way to eat. "Kill!" Kill these monsters! Defend our homeland! For a time, the sound of slogans was continuous, and the player was also against the headless ghosts hovering in the air. A player rolled up his hands, and a white dragon flew out of his hands, killing hundreds of imps in an instant. Gold coins and equipment were all over the ground. Then look at the peasants and others, rushed to the forefront, with a wave of their hands, with a strong murderous fist wind like a fire dragon swept through the lives of hundreds of imps. Yah! Look at me! Demon shouted, played dozens of hand knot, a black light fell from the sky, immediately smashed dozens of imps,cantilever racking system, with two black armor soldiers. You Dan Jinxing could not speak, only to see him turn his head and look at me fiercely, while his hands kept waving, each punch will be a little devil into pieces. It's like the eyes in his head. The battle is in full swing, looking at the thick corpses on the ground, more than a thousand black soldiers died, and more players died, all over the sky can see the white gas slowly evaporating. Go to hell I waved my sword,wire mesh decking, and the heads of dozens of imps were smashed, and the red and white liquid flowed all over the floor. These little devils are like ants that can't be killed. I jumped up high and looked down. My scalp tingled again. Half of the city was shrouded in black gas, of which dozens of regiments of black gas were particularly powerful, and were slowly rushing over with the army. I casually solved a headless ghost, pointing to the front and shouting: "Damn, there is a boss ahead, everyone be careful!" " The whole Xuanwu City is full of swords and swords. The more players play, the more frightened they are. These little devils not only look very ugly, but also kill people in a way that makes people feel cold. Several players were carelessly dragged into the camp by the Imp, and then saw his arms, arms, and thighs thrown high into the air. There are more and more headless ghosts in the sky, and many players have been pierced by the thick fingers of branches. I know very well in my heart that these ghosts are beginning to counterattack. Listening to the howls of the players, I frowned and flew forward, one hand "Sword God" hit out, colorful lightsaber flashed, thousands of ghosts were cut down. Countless players also saw this scene, heavy duty cantilever racks ,drive in racking system, immediately confidence, the hands of the weapons brandished tigerishly. I have become the dominant figure in the whole situation. If I die unfortunately, it is estimated that most players will lose the ability to resist. The battle is cruel, but fortunately the extremely fierce people have super fighting power, so they are not attracted by the God of death. Just as they regained their fighting power, a giant tusk ghost about three men tall, carrying a heavy axe, cut out a black awn WWw. XiAosHuotxt. COM at me. Chapter 134 Monster Siege (3). Wow, are you making a mistake? How can you fight so soon? Isn't that the disciple of the ghost king? Alas, it seems that the ghost king is dead. It's a pity. Qinhuangdao Soul, with 120,000 imperial guards, is at a height of 10,000 meters that cannot be seen by the human eye. Qin Huang's soul yawned, the folding fan in his hand waved crazily, and there were still beads of sweat on his head. Damn it, what kind of weather is this? Cover it for me! The folding fan waved, and a huge dark cloud immediately covered the whole sun. Qin Huanghun proudly curled his mouth and said, "Hum, that's right. It seems to be quite hot. More wind." There was another one, and a small tornado appeared not far away, whistling in the same place. Qin Huang's soul is comfortable, but we don't know how much we have suffered from him. As soon as it was dark, the army of ghosts immediately restored its original fighting capacity and beat the players to pieces. I was resisting the attack of the giant tusk ghost, cursing the damn dark cloud, and just as I was about to stab the tusk ghost with a sword, a fierce wind blew me so hard that I couldn't open my eyes. Other players are not much better than me, there are individual Taoist priests in the dark, the strength was weakened, originally more than enough to kill a few imps, the result became three or four people, to deal with one, but also beaten without the power to fight back. Extremely ferocious, he stuck out his tongue and cursed, "Damn, it's not so exaggerated, is it?" Finish saying, one axe slashes to death a kid, still shake one's head: "Is this actual strength still the same?"? What's the matter with you? Next to a man who looked like a Taoist priest, he cursed, "Damn, you're almost at level 60. Of course, it's easy to fight these monsters. We're all at level 40." "Wow." As soon as he said that, a little devil had grabbed his head and pulled it down heavily, pulling his whole head off and stuffing it into his mouth. Oh, what a pity! Extremely ferocious is completely gloating in the side to see a joke, at this time behind a familiar voice: "We pull!"! Fierce, you're here too! Looking back, it is the "three giants of iron and blood" of the fallen life, Jiannantian and Zhanshen. Extremely ferocious ha ha smiled to come forward to say hello, and the God of war without saying a word, then came a hug between men. Fallen life also brought thousands of brothers of the Iron-blooded Company,mobile racking systems, commanding them to rush up. I said, ferocious, what's the situation now? Where's the boss? Where is it? ?

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