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Description: Beautiful woman saw, curious way: "Fairy, what are you this?" "Do you know that this is the first time someone has asked me what your name is?" He said excitedly. "I've been wandering in the six realms for so long." Beautiful woman: "Su Qing." The jade pinched her fingers to calculate her origin. She took a glance at her soul and asked, "No surname?" The beautiful woman nods: "This does not have the surname, we such family background, also does not talk about the surname, therefore all is take the last character as the descendant's surname, by this way passes on the loyalty and sincerity." "Respectable." The jade was awarded to the origin of her branch a hundred years ago, "the loyal servant of Princess Wanping." "At first, they were all servants of the princess's house. After the princess died for her country, our ancestors vowed to avenge the princess. So we had an agreement that some of them would follow the Demon Zun to the Demon World to assist the descendants of the royal family, while the other part would stay in their native land to protect the old mountains and rivers." Su Qing said, "My father once said that none of the people who stayed here in those years betrayed me. My family is the only one who has passed it down." When Su Qing finished, she said disappointedly, "Today, I'm afraid I'm going to come to the end. I hope my deputy Xiao Hui will not forget to convey it for me when he sees His Highness in the Demon World." For a hundred years, we have not forgotten, not a day. It's just that I'm not capable enough. When the jade heard a few screams, he lifted up the tent and took a look. Shanhu, who had been hit by several arrows, was still attacking people. Su Qing wrapped the wound on her shoulder, pulled the bow, and calmly sent out an arrow, which hit the tiger in the nose. Jade: "Good archery." Su Qing is not young,metal racking systems, but she is still red-faced and shy like a young girl when she is praised by the jade. I'm flattered. Su Qing tone down, "also just general, no matter how good archery, I still will not fight, I failed everyone, I let them fall into death.." "You're a little pushy." After awarding the jade, he asked, "I was playing it safe, but I also expanded the team. How could I suddenly March toward the king?" Su Qing was silent and did not answer. She used her immortal knowledge to look around. Not long after,radio shuttle racking, she said, "You reorganize the army. When we have solved the problem of heaven, you go out of the city quickly. It's up to you to decide the way behind." Su Ching seemed to pray, "Do we have a future?" "As for me, I like to give a life-saving straw to drowning people.". If you ask, I will always answer, yes. Everyone has a future. Hold Cang in your hand. "Mmm." Cang held her hand tightly. I can't think of any solution, so I have to take the risk to break it first, and then see the change and then think about it, so.. "I will take care of myself." Cang said, "You don't need to worry about me, and you don't need to take care of my pace. I will try to keep up with you and protect myself." Jade: "Good." She took out the little demon king with warm scales and put him in Suqing's hand: "Take him to the whole army and get ready to break through." Su Qing held the little dragon in her hands at a loss and stared at the little demon king with big eyes. This? This is "Mascot." The jade turned his head and smiled, pulling Cang Fei up, peach blossom star sword in hand, to the zenith. When Su Qing heard the mascot, she immediately understood. She: "It's a child." For the marchers, push back racking system ,Automated warehouse systems, the child is actually a problem, but her team calls the child auspicious. We all comfort ourselves so that we can be willing to take those children, rescue those children, and not abandon them. Su Qing wrapped the little demon king around her neck, and the little demon king stared at her bulging and surging place, ashamed of the dragon, and automatically turned his head behind him, drooping on her ears. When it comes to size, it's more convenient for his mother, and it won't make him feel embarrassed. With a quiver and a broadsword on her back, Su Qing took the little demon king to shoot in three steps and cut the beast in ten steps. The little demon king asked, "I think you are very cautious and orderly in battle. By rights, you should not be a person who is eager for success and rash advance." Su Qing laughed at herself, raised her bow, shot a Raptor without looking, and saved a wounded patient. General Qing! The wounded man immediately picked up his knife and followed Suqing. Su Qing's breath sank into the Dantian and she shouted in a deep voice, "Assemble! Assemble!" Behind her, a small team gradually gathered, but everyone was injured, all relying on hard gas in the support. Su Qing suddenly stopped, she stopped too fast, the little demon king looked back, only to see her head hanging, looking at a corpse at her feet. The corpse had just died, still wearing light armor, holding the sword tightly in his fingers, and his eyes were wide open. The little demon king looked at it carefully and exclaimed, "Girl?" Her helmet fell to one side, her long hair spread beside her, dipped in a pool of blood. Su Qing closed her eyes, bent down, and gently closed her eyes. It's all my fault. Su Qing stood up, shouted, threw away the empty quiver, aimed the long bow at the tiger, and strangled the tiger with the bowstring. The soldiers behind her, like her, raised their spears and broadswords, and with a shout, pierced the tiger's body. After disemboweling, many broken limbs fell out of the tiger's stomach, and even a child of two or three years old. The blood splashed half of Su Qing's body. She wrung the tiger's head and threw it hard. Our team, there are also girls, although not many, but their origins are not good, most of them used to. It used to be Flower Street and Willow Lane. Plus I'm a princess, and I'm just a servant. Su Qing said, "I just want your Highness in the demon world to admit me and admit them." What are you talking about? The little demon king did not understand this idea. "This team is yours, and it is also you who have been fighting with the Chu people in their native land." "Maybe it's us.." said Su-ching painfully. I'm afraid they'll say, they'll say. Dazhao's women can only be sacrificed to heaven and can only be concubines of noble families. What contribution do they make to Dazhao? Su Qing shed a line of tears, "I'm just afraid of your Highness in the Demon World, the real Dazhao people in the Demon World look down on us.". We can not come up with an open and aboveboard military merit, I just want to take them,asrs warehouse, I just want to give them, to earn a foothold for themselves, an open and aboveboard foothold.. She received word that his Highness was coming.

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