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Description: Master and other sisters are very good, but I seldom do embroidery before, so the foundation is worse than other sisters. But I also went back to practice carefully, hoping to catch up with others as soon as possible, "the mink said with a smile.". She is now thirteen years old, and for an embroidery lady, such an age is indeed a little late. Had it not been for the arrangement of going out together, I'm afraid Linglongfang would not have accepted such an old apprentice. Hsieh Ching-hsi is not the Holy Mother, but this kind of thing is just a simple task for her, so she doesn't mind helping them. Besides, a girl like mink is not an insatiable person. Although your foundation is not worse than others, but only if you are diligent enough, you will certainly be able to catch up in the future, "Xie Qingxi said with a light smile to comfort her.". The mink nodded, then looked up at her and said shyly, "Now it's the twelfth lunar month. I specially pickled some pickled cabbage, which is the specialty of our Mujia village. So I want to bring it to the princess to taste." Xie Qingxi liked to eat when he was young, so he laughed immediately when he heard this. She knew that some places did have their own characteristics, and the things they made were different from those in other places, so she immediately said,Lamella Plate Settler, "What kind of pickled cabbage? Let me have a look." "I just gave cinnabar elder sister." Small mink sees she seems to be to like really, also smiled gently. Cinnabar immediately said, "Since the princess wants to see it, the maidservant will go and get it." When the cinnabar brought the small jar over, he carefully opened the sealed jar and put it on the small table on the Kang. Xie Qingxi took a look at it and immediately praised it: "This pickled cabbage is really authentic. I didn't expect you to be so good at mink." "I learned from the elders in the village," the mink said happily. Xie Qingxi chatted with her for a while, knowing that now she and her brother had rented a house outside. Because her brother was literate, he found a bookkeeper's job in a shop on Yecheng Street,disc air diffuser, with a monthly salary of one or two silver, which was a high-paying job in Yecheng. So now the mink's life is passable, but when she left, Xie Qingxi still let people prepare things. The little mink was determined not to accept it, but Hsieh Ching-hsi said with a smile, "Since you sent an annual gift to our family, I should naturally return the gift." The mink finally had to accept the gift. Xie Qingxi asked Yuebai to send her out in person, and also asked the concierge to prepare a carriage to send her back. The white moon led her through the garden, and when she reached the edge of the garden, she saw a few people coming over there, and it was the sixth young master and the little embolus. At this time Xie Qingzhan is leading the small bolt to stroll in the garden, to tell the truth this cold winter month, is really nothing to see. But Kewangfu is really a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Before that, Qi Li sent someone to send a pot of ice sculpture. The sculpture was a Chinese rose, disc air diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and each petal was lifelike. Small embolus saw even dare not touch, Xie Qingzhan suddenly remembered in the capital, the Chinese New Year when Xie Qingxi also let people carve a tree in the yard, but the capital of heaven and earth in the end is not cold enough, did not put a few days to melt. So Xie Qingzhan will come out this time, but also called people out by the way. He was going to make a big ice sculpture in the garden. As for what to do, he turned to the little plug and asked, "What do you think we should carve?" The little embolus thought about it seriously and said, "a tiger. My father beat a tiger with his own hands.". He is the only man in our village who can deal with tigers. As soon as Xie Qingzhan heard him mention his father, his heart ached for no reason. Pay your respects to the sixth young master. "Yuebai went up to him and immediately asked for his respects.". Xie Qingzhan looked up and saw the mink. He was a little surprised. "What are you doing here?" The question was so familiar that the embolus and the white moon both looked at the mink at the same time. "Come and pay your respects to the princess and give her some gifts for the New Year." Xie Qingzhan immediately frowned and said with some disapproval, "You're not well off either. Why do you do this? It's good when you're ready." "My brother said this is the rule, it should be." The mink looked up at him, and then looked at the child standing beside him. It was a boy dressed in thick clothes, wrapped up like a rice dumpling, with a felt hat on his head, showing only a little face. Just this face is a little dry, a look is the child of a poor family, but why this child will follow Xie Qingzhan side. Are you going back now? Xie Qingzhan asked. The mink nodded again, thinking he would say something else, but he heard him laugh and said politely, "Then walk slowly." "Qing Zhan, let's go over there. I want to carve a big tiger." The little embolus reached out to catch him, but as soon as he raised his hand, he showed the back of his left hand. There were many birthmarks on his wrist, but the shape of the birthmark was a little strange. But the mink's eyes changed in an instant. She stared at the child in front of her, but no matter how she looked at him, he was just a little boy with a yellow face. But they're looking for a girl. Good, can give you a big tiger, but the big tiger needs a lot of ice, have to go to the ice cellar to move, "Xie Qingzhan is not now this is just light, just want to amuse the child happy.". Yuebai took the mink forward again, but when she came to the fork in the road, she looked back again. The boy wore a pale blue cloak, with a circle of white fur around his collar, which set off his face more and more like a crown of jade. His long black and soft hair was tied up by a silver crown. The child standing next to him only reached his waist. When he talked to the child, he would hang his head, raise the corners of his mouth gracefully, and his eyebrows were full of flying looks. The little sable thought that there was no difference between the Han people and the Hu people, and the Han people in Mujia Village were all rough, and their voices could deafen people's ears, and there was no elegance in talking and laughing as she had imagined. But when she first saw Xie Qingzhan, he sat on the black horse, slightly bent over and asked her brother, "Brother,Belt Filter Press, can I stay here?"? The mink stood in the doorway, carrying the clothes to be washed. His handsome eyebrows and eyes were more dazzling than the sunshine, which almost made her lose her mind. It turned out that this was what the book said about a gentleman like a jade.

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