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Description: As soon as Shun Min heard this, it was the second half of "three visits to Longzhong". At first, he saw that the storyteller was sour and vulgar, and had no intention of listening to the book. He was satisfied to talk to the old man for advice, because he saw all kinds of things in the hall, and the scene was ridiculous. At the same time, the old man got up and went to the small door beside the stage. On his way home, he went to another teahouse to chat with people, but he could not talk to them. By the time the old man returned to his seat, the book had already been opened, and the three-stringed Ding Dong on the stage rang a few times, and immediately the hall was silent and silent. Looking at the old man again, he even closed his eyes and listened attentively. It was also the time for the public to listen to books. He had never met anyone before, so naturally it was not convenient to disturb him. He had to wait patiently until the book was finished before asking questions. I happened to hear the beginning of the sentence, and I felt that the syllables were beautiful and the playing and singing were good; Try to listen again, this "Longzhong Sangu" was originally a good program in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which was whitewashed by the storytellers, and even painted the scenes of a generation of heroes and wizards, such as the meeting of gains and losses, the period of ambition, the cold years of wind and rain, and the warm spring of the cottage, as if Xuande Longfeng's posture, the table of the sun,304 stainless steel wire, and Kongming's feather fan silk ribbon scarf, knee-hugging and high lying. Such as at present, can not help but greatly appreciate, dark thought that there is such a good storyteller in the small town of Huangjiang, just really look down on him. Suddenly he remembered that all the tea guests in the hall were collecting money and keeping accounts, and that the master, servant, and the old man alone were on the table, but they also confiscated the money. He was very puzzled. Just as he was thinking about it,304 Stainless Steel Bar, the first paragraph of the book was already finished. He woke up and patted the table. The storyteller still went to wipe his face and smoke. Under the stage, there was a miasma of smoke, and those who added water, those who played with green strips of leather silk, and those who played with handles in their hands made a circle in disorder. Looking at the old man again, he opened his eyes and looked at himself, as if hesitating to speak. Shun Min knew that he was going to open the book again after a short rest. He was afraid that his wife would be in suspense after coming out for a long time. He quickly leaned over and asked, "Can the old gentleman please come to this table to talk?" "I dare not," said the old man. "I'm going to ask for advice." Then he came over. Shun Min asked him to sit down and ordered Tang Xin to add a bowl of tea. When they asked each other their names, they knew that the old man's surname was Su and his given name was Banpiao. He was a native of yuanhe County, Jiangsu Province. He was a teenager and changed his profession in middle age. He made a living by looking at geomancy. Father and daughter, no one else. Ten years ago, he was invited by a wealthy family named Cai to come to Tonglu, where he loved the beauty of Fuchun's mountains and rivers. The owner of the residence had bought a small piece of land for him before his death, so he settled down there and prepared to die of old age. At first, it was not called this name, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but in the past year, I visited the Great White Mountain alone and found a dragon vein. I went to Sichuan and got half of the Zhou jade at the foot of the Great Snow Mountain near Tibet. It was shaped like a half ladle, with blood and silver. It was antique and I couldn't bear to let it go. I haven't left it for decades, so I changed my name to a half ladle in order to get it. After a long time, I forgot the real name. As soon as Shun Min talked with him, the more he felt that the old man, Feng Shen Gu Xiu, was sanctimonious. He was expected to be a master with a false name, and what he said was also half-true and half-false. Hearing the string ringing again, Ding Dong saw many of the tea guests peeking at him. Knowing that it was inconvenient to talk in the local area, he said to Banpiao, "My younger brother is going to Hangzhou from Yongkang's hometown to burn incense. The boat passes here and stops not far ahead.". If it's not too late, may I take the liberty of moving to the boat for a talk? "I just have a lot to say to Shun Weng," said Banpiao. "It would be great if we could go together.". It's just a night disturbance. I'm sorry. Shun people asked the waiter to calculate the book and tea account. Half ladle is busy say: "Need not, even respect housekeeper, the younger brother had paid." Shun Min thought that as soon as he and Wang Sheng went upstairs, they were divided into two parts. The master and servant did not speak to show any trace. How did he know and even wait for the account? No wonder the waiter didn't come to collect the money. He didn't understand. He was thanking the waiter, but half a gourd ladle had already seen it. "Do you think that's strange, Mr. Shun?" He asked with a smile? I have known your tracks for a long time. Even this visit to Zunzhou was for the sake of the filial daughter of the Jiang family. It's a small thing. Why are you so polite! To tell you the truth, first they thought Shun Weng was the local government came here to visit the case, after the younger brother said, and someone came to talk about Shun Weng scattered money village boy, know that Shun weng is just an ordinary pilgrimage guest, just relieved. Otherwise, Mr. Xia's business will be delayed by you tonight. The voice is quite low at first, and the voice is very high in the last two sentences. Shun people were taken away by his forthright spirit, and remembered that the money was on Wang Sheng's body, and it was not appropriate to be polite. Seeing that everyone heard the sound and turned back, he felt that half of the gourd ladle spoke too casually and did not want to stay, so he had to thank him and bow to the guests. Half gourd ladle also does not make politeness, get up to go, the place that walks to just stand to talk stops, say to those two tea guest: "How do I say?"? Go back and tell the owner that he has made a mistake. I'll talk to him later. The master and servant of Shun Min heard it vividly and thought it was another thing, but they didn't care. The three of them went down to the teahouse together and saw the moonlight on the street, the lights were fading, and most of the shops were closed. Only a few teahouses have high red lights, the sound of strings and pipes rises and falls, and pedestrians are rare. Half ladle alone in the lead, walking very fast, from time to time looking forward, and do not talk to people. Shun Min wanted to ask him twice, but half of the ladle just waved back, and Shun Min didn't understand what he meant. At the corner of the street, Shun Min saw two dark shadows flashing in the corner of the roadside, and half of the gourd ladle seemed to go around the corner deliberately, whispering in his mouth. When he came near, he did not see anyone, and his expression was rather mysterious. He thought carefully that half a ladle's appearance and words were not bad people, so he left him alone. It was not until after crossing the street and arriving at the place where the money was scattered that the half-gourd ladle stood still and walked slowly side by side. Shun Min deliberately asked him, "Why did you leave in such a hurry?" "I've been asked to tell you, too," said Banpiao. "I'll tell you when I get to Zunzhou." Shun Min is not convenient to ask again. After a few more steps, we arrived at the boat. Yu's wife,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, who had been away from Shun for a long time, was looking out. When she saw someone coming with her, she quickly avoided him.

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