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Description: Helen Su waited left and right, but now her snacks were not brought. It was not easy to look forward to the black-skinned slave, but the slave not only brought in a gold basin, but also the variety of fruits in the basin was monotonous. Helen Su's favorite things were all missing, and the number only reached the edge of the gold basin. The little eyebrow of the legendary mage finally stood up this time: "What's going on? Where is my fruit?" Hei Jin immediately gathered together and said in a low voice, "It's all sold." "How is that possible?"! What I got back this time is enough to store grain for half a year! The voice of the legendary mage rose at once. The mountain and the sea are bigger than your appetite, and she has been eating for almost three months, so the food you left behind is really not much. Said the Grey Dwarf cautiously. Why hasn't she left yet? The voice of the legendary mage was suddenly cold. The Grey Dwarf, however, had been prepared and immediately handed over two lists: "She really hasn't left yet." But you see, this is the money you got from the sale of grain, and this is her expenses in the deep blue during this period. Seeing the two bills, Helen Su's face immediately improved a lot. Income always makes her happy, and black gold knows her pride very well, and does not collect more mountains and seas, even a gold coin. However, the income brought the legendary mage far less happiness than expected, and even the results of months of hard work did not make her mood high. In fact, in the past two months, Helen Su has earned an Aisala star diamond. This is equivalent to her income in the past year, but it can not bring her more happiness. The reason is very simple, the higher the income, the more the legendary mage sees the wealth gap between himself and the mountains and the sea. The sullen legendary mage put down the bill, praised the black gold,caustic calcined magnesite, and asked, "Are you ready for tomorrow's game?" Master Phil said, "Everything is ready for you to come back and host." "Then start on time. It seems that Solam can't squeeze anything out of it. By the way, let's see what kind of surprises my little Richard can bring us." The gray dwarf asked cautiously, "Your Highness, would you like to make some preparations in advance?" "Ready?"? What preparations do you make? The legendary mage was a little surprised. She had already stood up and was ready to leave. She was even more surprised to see the expression of Black Gold desperately trying to hint at something. "How could my little Richard lose?" Black gold had to put it more bluntly: "But the Soram family is fully supporting Stevenson, and although his magic pattern is made by himself, the design is entirely from Santa Cruz.". Your Richard is exploring on his own, and he has never taken a hair from his family and the mountains and the sea. "Didn't the mountain and the sea give him a fire dragon neck skin?" Helen Su asked coldly. Richard sealed up the fire dragon skin and did not use it at all. Hei Jin explained. The legendary mage's face immediately looked better and even smiled. She stretched lazily and said, "Don't worry. Santa Cruz is a loser who only knows how to stick to the rules. He has no creativity at all. He can't enter the realm of a big constructor in his life. What's there to worry about? What can he design?"? In fact, I have taken him into account when I set the topic. Even if this guy adds thirty holy words before his name, he can't let the snow rabbit defeat the winter wolf through Stevenson's hand. "But Richard may not be able to do it!" Black gold has now Su Helen knows nothing about Richard's design plan, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, so remind again. Helen Su waved her hand impatiently and said, "How can it be so troublesome?"! No matter what the final result is, isn't it over to declare Richard the winner? The Grey Dwarf was stunned. "But how do you explain it to the Soram family?" The legendary mage snorted and said, "Just say that Gordon paid more!"! If Solam has any complaints, let him go straight to Gordon to argue! As soon as the grey dwarf died, Helen Su had already walked to the door, watching her clench her small fist against her lips and yawn constantly, apparently to rest. Hei Jin couldn't say anything for a moment, so he had to nod yes. The night passed peacefully, and nine o'clock the next morning was the official start time of the game. The venue of the competition was set up in the private magic experimental field of Helen Su, the main tower of Deep Blue, and the only people present were the legendary mage and a group of great magic teachers, in addition to the two sides participating in the competition. The mountain and the sea thought they belonged to Richard's side, so she sat grandly beside Richard, while Wulazazu, Gangyan and the palace guards lined up behind her. On Stevenson's side, people sent by the Soram family privately protested to Black Gold that people on the Mountain and Sea side should not be here, that the tournament was not open, and that they were likely to secretly interfere in the course of the tournament. Others do not say, if the Great Sacrifice Wulazazu secretly started to kill Stevenson's snow rabbit, no one on the Solam side could see it. However, Soram's protest was ferociously rejected by Black Gold. The competition is not open, but aren't the mountains and seas also students of His Highness? In addition, he sternly protested their contempt for Deep Blue, even if Solam could not see it, there were legendary mages and great magic teachers. Under the momentum of the Grey Dwarf, Solamfang suddenly felt that he was in the wrong. Moreover, the Soram family did not dare to protest openly with the Grey Dwarves, nor did they dare to let the mountains and seas know. The legendary mage and the mountain and the sea all belong to the level forces. If you offend them and lose the game, it will be a small matter. In the future, the great cause of the Duke of Soram may be affected. What's more, now everyone knows the legendary background of mountains and seas. When the first winter wolf was put into the experimental field, the competition officially began. Stevenson got the chance to play first in the previous guess, so he went to the sidelines, solemnly lifted the cover of the cage, opened the door of the cage, and the snow rabbit, who had worked hard for half a year by the Solam family and Santa Cruz, officially appeared in front of everyone. But when the people present saw the snow rabbit,Magnesium Sulphate producer, which was almost the same size as a large hound, they could not help but be stunned. : There are expected to be two more tonight. Finish the game! Alas, dumpling small _ say txt'heaven 'hall Chapter 58 in the battle of destiny.

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