The evil dragon of online games goes against the sky

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Description: Even before he left, he was so insolent that he gave the Palace of Heaven an amazing gift. Japanese players have begun to shake their hearts. Such an evil day, do they really have the ability to expel him from Japan and recapture the Kusanagi Sword? Ye Tianxie was very depressed all the way north and rushed out of the north gate of the Emperor's City at a fast speed. He knew that he had been unable to stay in the Imperial City, killed more than 20 palace guards, but also sent the Imperial Palace such a wide range of ice explosion, now must be all the city's guards to catch him. As long as he set foot in the Imperial City again, he would be chased by the bodyguards immediately. This is the north of the Emperor's City, a fairly natural field. After flying north for a long time, because of the slightly higher level of the monster, the Japanese players can hardly be seen. Empty, he turned and looked at the Palace of Heaven, then raised his left hand and looked at the empty magic ring on his finger with a faint smile. Just when he sprinted into the bodyguard team with "Dragon Soul Broken Shadow Chop", it was not just as simple as releasing a Dragon Soul Storm Whirl Crack. Because the leader was obviously a full-level gold bodyguard with a life of at least two million, there was no possibility of killing him in the Dragon Soul Storm, so when he was thrown out, Ye Tianxie stuck a Wanli tracker on his body at a very fast speed. After using the empty magic ring, Ye Tianxie's face showed a smile. Although it is impossible for the Wanli Tracker to track across national boundaries,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it will not be affected in the interior of the Japanese mainland. He accurately sensed the existence of the Wanli Tracker from the core of the ring's empty magic stone. However, the tracking function of the core of the Empty Magic Stone can only be used ten times a day, and all of these ten times were consumed by the previous competition with Hua Qimeng. At least today, he can't use the tracking function again. Yi Ya! Master, why did you run away? There was a green soul there. Why didn't you find out the green soul and walk away? Guoguo anxiously pulled Ye Tianxie's hair and said. On the way Ye Tianxie flew here, she had sent the same complaint at least eight hundred times. Whew. How many times have I said that you can't go in there if you want to. Even if I was really bold enough to go in,warehouse storage racks, I wouldn't be able to get out. Ye Tianxie can only explain helplessly once again. But, but that is the green soul! The master is so powerful that he can make Huang yuan and Dao alone. In the matter of the core of fate, she was obviously more serious and anxious than Ye Tianxie. Don't worry, of course I won't give up the green soul. Ye Tianxie nodded his chin and looked in the direction of the Imperial City. When he first arrived in Japan, his first thought was how to get back. But now, before getting the green soul, he won't go back even if he begs him to go back. Chapter 654 the only sacred beast in Japan. Chapter 654 the only sacred beast in Japan. Ye Tianxie was thinking about how to sneak into the Palace of Heaven when his intercom suddenly rang. Glancing at it, it was Sophie's phone. Although it is impossible to make cross-border calls within the game, the outside telephone contact will not be affected. Ye Tianxie picked it up, and Sophie's voice came hurriedly: "Tianxie, where are you now?" "Dongying.." It's probably a little north of the heart. Ye Tianxie answered. Are you all right? Are there a lot of people after you? Ye Tianxie smiled and said, "Don't worry, teardrop pallet racking ,industrial racking systems, there is no one in this place except me.". Even if there were a lot of people coming after me, nothing would happen to me. "I know you'll be all right, but I'm just concerned about it." By the way, Tianxie, how will you get back from your side? Sophie asked. They discussed it all morning, but they couldn't find any way to come back. There's always a way. Ye Tianxie can only answer like this. And, tomorrow is the team competition. The team competition is not as long as the singles competition, only five days. Five days later, there will be a medal ceremony for the singles and team competitions. If you can't come back at that time, there will be no way to get the reward. Also, I'm going to take part in tomorrow's game, and I really want you to watch me live. Sophie said in a low voice. Ye Tianxie nodded his nose. Not to mention whether he can return to the lost continent, even if he can go back, he will not choose to go back before he gets the soul. Because after going back, if you want to come to Japan again, you can only wait until the border is opened later in the game. That doesn't mean what year or month it will be. Feifei, I just found an interesting thing in Japan. I should stay for a few more days. In addition, it is not easy to come here once, but also just to visit here, maybe you can find some very interesting things. Although I am not on the scene of the game starting tomorrow, as long as there is Feifei's game, I will pay attention to the whole process and watch you all the time. Sophie smiled into the microphone, covering her lips and smiling: "Fool, just waiting for you to say this." Then you should have a good time in Japan. The important thing is to pay attention to safety. I, Sophie, am your evil heaven. Hum, the real girlfriend will not embarrass you in the game. Be sure to watch the game starting tomorrow. Well, I'll hang up and leave you alone. Remember not to forget the time for eating and sleeping, or I'll call you a hundred times. Not long after hanging up with Feifei, Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiushui called one after another, and he gave a brief account of the matter. Then he began to look around. Then he lifted his wristwatch, downloaded a global map of the Japanese mainland through the virtual network, studied it carefully for a while, then turned off the map, thought about it for a while, and used the intercom to make an outside call to Zuo Po Jun. It took a while to get through. Zuo Po Jun said hurriedly, "Whoo.." I just entered the game less than ten seconds, and hurriedly ran out. What's the matter, second brother? "Broken Army,radio shuttle racking, you have some knowledge of the situation in the game areas of various countries, do you know which location in Japan has appeared, or there are high-level beasts that human beings can not resist.." It's good to be the beast of heaven or God. Ye Tianxie asked.

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