Villain and Villain Married [Wear Book]

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Description: Colin was looking at Si Haolan's magnanimous and expectant eyes with mixed feelings and said, "What are you thinking about all day?" Si Haolan thinks you still have the nerve to say me, the person who makes up some inexplicable plots every day is obviously you. The two of them sat side by side, and the atmosphere eased down without the stiffness and stiffness just now. Si Haolan felt very good when he was close to Colin. He was used to it from the beginning. He even wanted to stay with Colin all the time. He looked out of the window. The car was leaving the film and television city for the nearest city. Where are we going? I have to continue filming tomorrow. Si Haolan asked, but not very worried, looking at the night want to hum. You don't want punishment? Colin regained his composure and said, "Let's find a place." Turns out Colin was talking about a hotel in a town next to Studio City. This is the best hotel in this small city, which is not as big as the luxury hotels in the metropolis. Three cars pulled up in unison in front of the door, and two strong men in black suits got out of one car and the other. They came and opened the door for Colin. Colin's wheelchair was placed on the side of the car. Colin leaned out and his men reached out to support him. The men, though strong and brave, moved their hands carefully and respectfully helped Colin out of the car and into the wheelchair. Even with someone to wait on him, Colin had a hard time getting around. Si Haolan looked at these and wanted to say that he could hold Colin out of the car, anyway, he was strong, but the words rolled in his throat and did not say it. They stayed in the most luxurious room in the hotel, which was a top suite with all the basic things they needed, but it was still not as good as home. The man in the suit pushed Colin into the room,whirlpool hot tub, followed by Si Haolan. Colin pushed the others back, leaving only the two of them to get along with each other. It was not easy for Colin to get out of the car and into the room. His hair was slightly disheveled and his forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat. It was too hard for him to do so. It was so hard, but he still came. What happened to you When Colin asked him, Si Haolan suddenly came to his senses and found himself staring at Colin all the time. Si Haolan frowned, some puzzled, said: "I do not know, the heart is strange." Si Haolan could not understand what it was like not to be able to walk,garden jacuzzi tub, just looking at Colin's hard work, like a tiny needle in his heart, sour and tingling, and a little pain. He had never been in such a mood, and for a moment he did not know what it was. In order to resolve this sour and astringent mood, Si Haolan took the initiative to go up, put his hand on Colin's knee, and spontaneously helped him move his legs. Colin did not stop him and let him kneel in front of him with a crimson face. You're getting more and more skilled. Colin said. Si Haolan snorted and said, "I have practiced it." Colin looked down at him and suddenly reached out to touch the side of his face, sliding his fingers back along his outline, inserting them into his sideburns, clasping his head and forcing him to look up. Si Haolan was touched by him all over weak, hot tub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, slender fingers shuttle in the hair feeling so comfortable, he almost shouted out. Let's do the math first. Colin's voice seemed to come from far away, and Si Haolan felt soft and dizzy. Colin: "…" Colin was a little angry. "I didn't say or do anything," he said. "That's your face." He cursed in a low voice. How can we continue to play like this. Si Haolan knelt there honestly, his eyes were confused and he gently rubbed his head against Colin's palm and said innocently, "You can do whatever you want." You're a pervert. I already know that. Colin angrily loosened Si Haolan's head, Si Haolan just deflated his mouth in disappointment, and his cold fingers stuck up again, this time pulling his cheek hard. It's soft and slippery and hot. Colin reflected on the touch of his hand, coughed, and said, "Tell me, how did you get involved with that actress?"? Do you like that type? He pulled down his face and asked with displeasure. "The plump type." Si Haolan Leng Leng, just understand who he is talking about. Xu Lezhu? Did he take the scandal seriously? Si Haolan answered earnestly: "I like people with good-looking faces." Colin didn't expect him to say that, and his face darkened even more, and he said, "That actor has a good face." Si Haolan shook his head and said, "No, my standard is to look like me, but I haven't met anyone who looks better than me yet, so I only like myself." In the end, it was narcissism. Colin was convinced by his theory. He nodded and said, "I've never met anyone who looks better than you." His earnest affirmation made Si Haolan feel itchy. After a while, Colin realized that he had been taken away by Si Haolan. He said angrily, "What happened to that man today? He was still pulling and pulling with you." Colin certainly does not like to watch the movie, the movie king does not recognize, Si Haolan explained to him: "That is my new subordinate." Colin raised an eyebrow, obviously unconvinced. Si Haolan says impatiently: "Need not fabricate accusation, you punish directly." Colin once again shocked Si Haolan's unrestrained, all the routines in his body are not applicable, how can he blush while saying such words. Are you deliberately acting so innocent and unpretentious to attract my attention? “?” Si Haolan more and more do not understand what he is saying, dead abnormal thinking is really difficult to understand. The two men stared at each other, unable to keep up with each other's brain circuits, and finally Colin raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows and said, "Well, I'll punish you for helping me take a bath." Si Haolan Wen Yan opened his eyes wide, and as expected, he was a pervert. He got up from the ground in an instant and hid far away. Colin's face darkened and he said, "Didn't you take the initiative to punish him? Why did you run away? Come here quickly." Si Haolan shook his head and said, "No,best whirlpool tub, don't take a bath with you." Colin's face was completely black. "Who wants to wash with you? I mean, help me." " Only then did Si Haolan lean over again doubtfully and ask, "How can I help?" ?

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