Wesley 051 (Heavenly Book)

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Description: Mrs. Millen's belongings, I know very well, there is no "ultra microwave receiver amplifier" in it, I just want to ask, Bai Su has already said: "You mean, that is a ruby ring, is worn on the hand, as an ornament for that thing?" My heart jumped. The ruby ring! There are many mysteries about the ruby ring, and it seems that they can be solved now! A ruby ring, the man called it a "microwave receiver amplifier", which is a bit strange. The ruby ring had been beside me all the time. At this time, I quickly took it out and handed it to the man. "Is this it?" "Yes," said the man, "but now, the ultra-microwave of this instrument has been radiated. Here, it can not be supplemented. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "When it.." When it has.. When it's super microwave, it looks like.. Without waiting for me to finish, the man added, "It looks like a very beautiful red.". It's kind of like a mineral on the earth. I took another deep breath,alumina c799, and what the man called "a mineral of the earth" was, of course, a ruby! This ruby ring turns out to be an extremely delicate instrument! It never occurred to me! In spite of myself, I reached out and stroked my face a few times. Such an action has no meaning at all, but only expresses my inner shock and tries to calm down. I said: "Not only similar, even with the instrument to analyze, it is also the kind of mineral ruby!" " The man let out a very dry laugh or two: "That's because the instrument analysis is not subtle enough!"! That small piece of object has radiation and reception properties, and when its energy runs out,ceramic igniter electrodes, it seems to be like this! "It's just a stone!" I murmured. "Of course it's not a stone," said the man. "If you have enough equipment, it can replenish your energy." I breathed on the ring, put it on my skirt, and rubbed it hard, thinking, how can I explain it to Lian Lun and Zusky? This is something that can't be explained at all! Anyway, Lian Lun's jewelry company has no actual loss, I think, do not have to explain to them! "Does Gina know it's going to change?" I asked. The man immediately replied, "Of course not!"! Well, Gina, she never even knew about me. Who is she? Her knowledge is not very rich, cordierite c520 ,7g Ozone Generator, and the biggest problem is that she does not have the spirit to accept new knowledge outside her thinking! When the man said this, he could hear that his tone was full of regret. Bai Su said, "It seems unfair for you to accuse Gina like this. She has lived with you for at least ten years!" The man paused for a moment and then added, "Yes, I am grateful to her. Thanks to her, I have been able to survive to this day.". But, alas.. He sighed again, paused for a moment, and then said, "But if ten years ago, it wasn't Gina who received my message, it was you, or anyone between you, then the situation would be different!" I still don't understand what he said, because I don't know what happened between him and Gina, and I don't even understand what kind of "message" Gina "received"! As I gestured, I said, "How did Gina get the message you sent?"? She heard a noise coming from the ring. "Of course not," said the man. "It's a very delicate process. The function of the receiver received my message. Gina herself didn't know anything about it. But as she pressed the receiver against her skin, the faint electric waves carrying my message entered her body and stimulated her brain activity. "When Bai Su and I heard this, we could not help but feel a chill in our hearts!"! I think I have understood what he meant. The message he sends out is an extremely subtle electrical wave, which, after entering the human body, stimulates the brain activity. In other words, it can influence people's thoughts! When I thought of this, Bai Su also thought of it. "Gina doesn't know what happened," she asked abruptly. "It's just that her mind suddenly thought of your existence. She's coming to see you." The man did not answer immediately. After a moment, he said, "If the receiver is in the hands of my companion, for example, Mrs. Mulun, she will know what is going on immediately.". In the hands of an earthling, it's just like you said. Bai Su "Hum" ground: "So, she is involuntary, or say, involuntarily, come to you here? "You can't say you can't help it," said the man. "She wanted to come." "But you gave her her thoughts," I said! This situation is the same as hypnosis? Do you know what hypnosis is? It is an act of influencing another person with one's own thoughts and making another person have the same thoughts as him. I have a rather obvious sense of blame. Because I've always felt guilty about Gina's death. When I heard the man say this, I immediately thought that if the man in front of me had not used his message to bring Gina here, then Gina, like everyone else, was an ordinary person, and of course there would not have been any car crash on her! As I spoke,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, I looked at each other. Judging from the man's eyes, I thought that if he could move his head, he would not dare to look at me. But he couldn't even open his eyes. He had to look at me. global-ceramics.com

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